Colons What are colons? A colon is a symbol used when writing.  It is normally used to introduce a list of things.   : The symbol above this sentence is a colon.   When should I use colons? There are several rules about using colons in English.  Here are the most important rules. 1. Introducing …

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Capital Letters

Capital Letters What are capital letters? A capital letter (or uppercase letter) is a form of a letter which is normally bigger than the lowercase letter.   Examples: C (capital letter) / c (lowercase letter) F (capital letter) / f (lowercase letter) M (capital letter) / m (lowercase letter)   The capital letters are in …

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English Symbols And Signs

English Symbols And Signs What are symbols and signs? Symbols and signs are objects used to show the meaning of something.    For example, if you see this symbol =), it means happiness or happy. It is an object which is used to show happiness without writing the word ‘happiness.’ What are some common symbols …

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English Punctuation

English Punctuation What is punctuation? Punctuation means the symbols and signs that we use when writing English.  These symbols are normally used to help give meaning to a sentence and can also be used instead of words.   Each symbol is normally called a ‘punctuation mark.’   What are the most common punctuation marks? Symbol: …

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Tips For Better Writing

7 Tips For Better Writing Don’t translate.  Translating sentences from your language to English will probably cause your writing to be wrong for two reasons.  First, the grammar may be wrong in English.  Second, the sentence may sound weird or unnatural as it may be something that native English speakers would not say or write. …

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