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Our courses teach you how to speak real spoken English through doing, not from a textbook.

English Courses

Learn English online at home with our spoken English courses/classes. Study at your own time and at your own speed. All of our courses have subtitles to help you understand.

Our Complete English Grammar Course (beginner to advanced) will teach you how to UNDERSTAND English sentence meanings. 6 hours of lessons. 35 sections. More than 150 lessons and 90 quizzes.

There are 26 letters in English but there are 44 sounds. Can you pronounce them all correctly? Our Complete Pronunciation Course will teach you how to correctly pronounce EVERY sound of English.

The reason why most students don't understand native speakers is because they don't understand the words they use. In this SPOKEN English Vocabulary Course, you will learn more than 2,000 words, expressions and idioms (on 30 topics) so you can understand English and speak like a native speaker.

Learn the SECRETS of how to speak fast spoken natural English, just like a native speaker. Our Speaking Course is one of the most important courses you will ever take and you will learn things that are NOT taught at school or in textbooks.

If you do not know the rules and patterns in this English Grammar And Speaking Pattern Course, you will NEVER be able to speak and write English correctly all the time.

If you can't THINK in English, you will NEVER be fluent in English. In this English Brain Training Coure, you will learn the simple 4 step process to start thinking in English.

How long have you been learning English for? Can you speak fluently? Learn the SECRET and EASY 7 Step Process for How To Learn English Or ANY Language. Learn what they don't teach you in school!

Complete English Grammar

Course summary:

This course will teach you the most important parts of English grammar so you can speak and write English more fluently. Each lesson is short and fun with lots of example sentences, pictures and timelines so you can SEE the meaning of the grammar that you learn.

Course rating: 4.72/5*

Complete English Pronunciation

Course summary:

This course will teach you how to make ALL 44 sounds of English so you can sound like a native English speaker and pronounce all words correctly in spoken English. You will see how to shape your mouth and where to put your tongue for EVERY sound.

Course rating: 4.69/5*

Spoken Vocabulary

Course summary:

In this course you will learn vocabulary, phrasal verbs and idioms that native speakers use in spoken English and daily life. This also includes learning how to use phrasal verbs, common phrases, collocations and which prepositions are used with which words.

Course rating: 4.73/5*

Speaking (Understand Real Conversation)

Course summary:

There are two types of English. WRITTEN English and SPOKEN English. They are VERY different. In this course, you are going to learn the SECRETS of understanding real English conversation and how to improve your pronunciation and how to speak English naturally like a native speaker.

Course rating: 4.74/5*

Grammar And Speaking Patterns

Course summary:

If you don’t know the patterns of English, you will NEVER be able to speak English correctly. In this course you will learn 35 basic patterns of English and how to make correct English sentences. For example, you will learn which verbs to use and when (verb 1, verb 2 or verb 3).

Course rating: 4.83/5*

English Brain Training

Course summary:

If you don’t know how to think in English, you will NEVER be fluent. In this course, you are going to learn how to develop your English Brain and tips and tricks, steps and exercises that you can follow so you can start learning to think in English. It’s like you will be lifting weights for your English brain!

Course rating: 4.94/5*

How To Learn English (7 Steps)

Course summary:

In this course I am going to share with you an EASY 7 step method that you can use to learn English. Following this method makes learning languages EASY. You’ll learn the first thing you need to do when starting to learn a language all the way up to the end where you will be on your way to achieving fluency.

Course rating: 4.94/5*

*All ratings are accurate as at 15 March 2023.

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