English Tenses Understood

How would you feel if you could easily understand the meaning of sentences in English? In this 61 page eBook “English Tenses Understood”, you will learn the main meanings of the twelve tenses in English. You will see pictures, timelines, examples and explanations so you can easily understand the meaning of tenses. Understanding these tenses will help you to understand what you hear and read in English so you don’t have to guess the meaning.


Also included is a quiz to test your understanding of English tenses and a two page printable summary which contains the main meanings and examples of the twelve tenses in English. Take a look at the sample pages to see what’s inside this eBook and how it can help you understand English more easily.

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In this eBook, you will see pictures, timelines, examples and explanations to help you understand the meaning of English tenses. This includes:

  • Past simple
  • Present simple
  • Future simple
  • Past continuous
  • Present continuous
  • Future continuous
  • Past perfect
  • Present perfect
  • Future perfect
  • Past perfect continuous
  • Present perfect continuous
  • Future perfect continuous

16 reviews for English Tenses Understood

  1. Lina

    I like all the timelines. Easy to understand

  2. Aarti

    Those timelines help me to understand meaning of English

  3. Rakesh

    Easy to understand, thanks English Understood

  4. Rodia

    Quiz is very interesting, thank you

  5. Fatema

    I understand now, thank you

  6. Sadia

    I like the quiz! I like so much!

  7. Mohammed

    This helps me to understand tense in English. Thank you!

  8. Nouradi

    I like all the pictures. Easy to understand

  9. Virat

    Pictures help me to understand, thanking you

  10. Hana

    The picture helped me to understand, thanks

  11. Juan

    The pictures are very good. easy to learn

  12. Galinka

    This is helpful, thanks

  13. Lina

    Thank you, i really liked this book

  14. Polat

    I like it , it’s so good

  15. Cindy

    The timeline make it easy for me to understand. Can you please making more books like this?

  16. Wendy

    I like the pictures. very helping for me

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